Summary of Facilities

Ground Floor

Front Hall – The John Allen Room and Kitchen
Use of the kitchen includes a microwave, kettle, electric oven, crockery and cutlery.

Folding tables and folding chairs are available for the Front and Back Halls

Back Hall – The Brian Griffiths Room
The Back Hall may be divided using a flexible screen.

First Floor

Conference Room

Other Facilities

WIFI: Wifi is accessible throughout the building, our WEP code is available on request to groups who require an internet connection.  No charge is made

ZOOM ROOM: Groups meeting at Foundry House who wish to link up via Zoom with their members who must or choose to remain at home, may use a zoom room setup comprising one of our laptops, 2 webcams and a 50” monitor.

STORAGE: Groups with a current regular booking may request the use of storage space; when space allows, small items may be kept at Foundry House at no charge. Charges are made for larger, dedicated, storage spaces. NB Foundry House cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any items user groups keep on the premises.